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Zero Sum Conclusion

THE SECOND CIVIL WAR of 2033 changed the landscape of American politics forever, forcing citizens to re imagine a society overrun by crime, greed, poverty, and aggression. Turning conventional logic on its head, every eighteen-year- old now receives a million dollars in lieu of traditional healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare. Political divisiveness has been diffused by assigning everybody as a Front-Loader or Back-Ender, depending on how they want to live and when they take their million dollars. Corporations now handle all governmental functions, saving taxpayers money while cleansing the internet of misinformation and immoral values. What could possibly go wrong?


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“Zero Sum Conclusion is the perfect fit for readers who enjoy stories of sacrifices to reveal the truth.” – Reader’s Favorite

Cover of book Document 512


Indiana Jones type dyslexic female teenager is chased through the ruins of South America and ends up finding a lost civilization deep in the Amazon Rainforest.


Front cover of book The Art of Raising Hell


Four small-town teenagers idolize an older boy, who has perfected the art of raising hell. When one of them ends up dead, they soon realize the difference between chasing life and being chased by it.


About Thomas Lopinski


Thomas grew up in a quaint small town in Illinois called Georgetown, which had one stoplight, one high school, one square, one lake, one police car and one hundred ways to get into trouble. It was a wonderful place to be a child. He studied at the University of Illinois and later moved to Southern California with his family to work in the music industry.

In Southern California, he’s had a successful career in the Film & TV Music Licensing field with Warner Bros., Universal Records and the Walt Disney Company. After the birth of his triplet daughters, Lopinski focused on writing literature and joined a writer’s group made up of his peers in the music industry.

In 2012, he self-published his first novel, “Document 512,” which won recognition and awards from Reader Views, Foreword Review, National Indie Excellence Awards and Best Indie Books. His second novel “The Art of Raising Hell” was published through Dark Alley Press in 2015 and won Best Young Adult Novel through Best Indie Books and was a semi-finalist for Best Literary Novel through Kindle Book Awards.

In 2022, Thomas released an album of original songs called “Unfinished Business” under the pseudo name “Pinski Thomas”. The album can be found on Spotify, iTunes and BandCamp . His next novel entitled “Zero Sum Conclusion” will be published in 2024.

Thomas is also a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC) and has been a cancer survivor since 2006.

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