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An Epic Adventure

While vacationing in South America with her father, young Renee Gorman soon realizes that a haunting learning disorder that has plagued her from childhood is the key to deciphering the clues in an old manuscript unlocking the powers of a mystical amulet.

The symmetrical number or symbol “512” follows her everywhere, beckoning to be understood. Consequently, she attracts the attention of several unscrupulous characters who, hoping to profit from her discovery, chase her through a series of unnaturally carved tunnels that stretch from the ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco to the majestic peaks of Machu Picchu and eventually lead her to the legendary kingdom of Akakor, buried deep in the Amazon Rainforest.

Along the way, she befriends a few travelers who help her evade capture and meets an Indian prince who might just be her true soul mate. Together, they unravel the secrets of a hidden world older than civilization itself, where the laws of quantum physics seem to transcend the boundaries we know here on earth. Document 512 delivers a combination of suspense, deceit, adventure, and intrigue that enlightens as it entertains, while making you question who we really are and where it is we come from.

What People Are Saying

I am in love with this book. This reminds me on Journey to the center of the earth, National Treasure and many more with a wonderful story with intrigue and mysteries about past folk lore. You start with a father and daughter traveling through caves and trails trying to find lost treasures and trying to prove that there was a connection between the lost tribes and aliens. The father passes away in a tragic accident the daughter is stuck in a far off place trying to convince herself and others that her fathers ideas were right. With all kinds of bad people chasing them it is a race against time to see if they can prove the past before treasure hunters get a hold of the relics and them. – Goodreads review

Jelly Bomb Reviews Document 512

“Thomas Lopinski seems as meticulous with his writing as he is with his research. The story is well presented, and Lopinski adeptly arranges his narrative so the reader stays engrossed and turning the pages.” Document 512

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